Travel Tips


Are you planning international travel with your family in the near future? Will your child be studying abroad?  Make the most of your trip by pre-planning for your health needs. Make an appointment with your physician at Sonlight Pediatrics and Family Medicine for a travel consultation as soon as you know your travel destination. Some travel healthcare preparations require 4-6 months; at minimum, make an appointment 2-3 weeks before your trip.  Your healthcare providers will be happy to consult with you to help make your trip as healthy as possible.

Please check the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website ( for information specific to the region you are traveling before you make an appointment.  Note that this information changes often. Here you can review the country and area you will be visiting and find the recommended vaccines. Print this information and bring it to your appointment. You will also find any “travel alerts” for your specific areas that may be helpful as you plan.

We can prescribe anti-malarial medications which may differ depending on your regions of travel. We need to know your length of travel for anti-malarial medication. We can also offer prescriptions for oral typhoid. We cannot, however, give IM injections of typhoid, Japanese encephalitis or yellow fever vaccines.

After you have reviewed the CDC website, call our office at 609-877-6800 and make an appointment for a travel consultation. Your physician at Sonlight will assist you in determining which routine vaccines your child may need according to his/her vaccine record. We offer Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, MMR, tetanus or IPV to prepare your child for international travel. Please note that the Hepatitis A vaccine is a series of 2 injections recommended to be given 6 months apart. If you are traveling sooner than 6 months, it is advisable to at least get one Hepatitis A injection.

If there are vaccines required that our clinic does not supply, we will be happy to refer you to a local travel clinic. As with all travel consults and travel immunizations, be sure to check your insurance policy prior to the appointment to ascertain coverage of appointments and immunizations.